Thank you to all those who have volunteered to help with Uniform Distribution! We now have enough people 🙂

Here are the details you need to know regarding Uniform Distribution:

  • All players must pay refundable deposits for uniform ($100) and volunteer participation ($100) in the form of cheques post dated for July 1/19 or cash; DUE AT UNIFORM PICK-UP, with the exception of T-ball and Mini T-ball.
    • T-ball  players must pay the volunteer participation ($100) deposit only.
    • there are no deposits required for Mini T-ball.


  • Cheques should be made payable to Lakehill Little League ( dated for July 1/19); one cheque per deposit/player.  Please ensure cheques are completed prior to uniform pick up to alleviate wait times and keep uniform distributions on schedule.  Payment by debit/credit  is not available.
  • All registration fees must be paid before a uniform will be issued to a player.
  • Players are not to attend another team’s distribution session as we will not be able to assist you at that time.  It is imperative you attend your team’s session as there will not be additional distributions scheduled.
  • If you are absolutely not able to attend your scheduled session, please send an entrusted family member, coach, assistant coach, team manager, or teammate to drop off your cheques/pick up your uniform for you.  Sizes handed out will match your registration record.
  • Uniforms are to be returned to your team coach within one week of your season end date; laundered and in the same condition they were issued.
  • Uniforms that are not returned by deadline or are returned with stains and/or damage will have their deposit processed.  Unlaundered uniforms will incur a $40 cleaning fee deducted from their uniform deposit.

Questions can be directed to

 Mon Apr 1Tues Apr2Wed Apr 3Thurs Apr 4
6:00-6:30 pmU14BRookie Minors 1&2Mini Minors 1 / T-ball 6-8pmU10 - Noseworthy
U10 - Fletcher (6:20 pm)
6:30-7:00 pmU14CMinors 1Mini Minors 2U10 - Boomer (6:40 pm)
7:00-7:30 pmU16BMinors 2Mini Minors 3
U10 - Finlayson
7:30-8:00 pmU16CMinors 3Mini Minors 4U12B
8:00-8:30 pmU19BMajors 1Mini Minors 5U12C
8:30-9:00 pmU19CMajors 2U12C